I haven’t blogged in a while :( Doing a masters degree really does your head in.
I’m only posting this because it aggravates me that there are people out there that probably get treated this way by sellers (particularly online stores). They make you feel guilty about returning an item that doesn’t look like the picture you sent, etc and after a PARTIAL refund they expect you to send the item back.. with no postage reimbursement. Well this happened in my case.

(WARNING: SCREENSHOTS HEAVY – you have been warned.)

The TLDR rundown (still really long): I bought a birthday dress online from Prima Bella Boutique. It did NOT look like what I paid for. I told them and opened a paypal dispute at the same time. (Different time zones – delayed replies). Seller is rude – personally attacks me in conversation (screenshots below). Only gives me a partial refund. Ok – accepted. Will not reimburse me for sending the item back. What. I refused to send the item back unless reimbursement provided. Blocks me from the page – just after I left negative feedback on The facebook page found here and this other merchantcircle review website for the store. I called paypal and they credited me with some postage money so I spent 93.75% of that money to send the item back that day (12th March/2014) – with signature on delivery instead of tracking. A couple days later the seller unblocks me temporarily to call me a ‘Dirty scammer’ and that the negative reviews have been pulled and PayPal will investigate me. I called paypal. I never had to send the item back with a partial refund – but oh well, I already had. I would NEVER wear that thing anyway. Paypal rep was super nice and understanding of my situation and explained to me that if a seller only gives you a partial refund, you are NOT obligated to send the item back at all. (That is the main point I wanted to get across to you.) This was never explained to me the first time I called paypal and if you’re a buyer or a seller you NEED to know this.

I’m a pretty level headed person and I hate being ripped off – who doesn’t?
I’m an experienced online shopper, yes something like an expensive dress should be tried on first – but I’m generally a good judge of size et al. – the only thing I will never be able to tell is what the item actually looks like (obviously). I also know that the pictures of the item do not always 100% reflect what is being sold in colour or design due to professional photography, etc blahblahblah – yes I know all that. But the design was seriously off and it was a >$250 USD dress (incl. shipping) – I should be getting something I expected or a slight variant from that. There was also no disclaimers about the possible variations.
Paypal registers me as a highly valued customer, that’s how much I shop online. In all my years of online shopping (>6) I have never had such a problem with a seller.
I stand by what I said to this seller, I was not rude – snarky at times yes but I restrained myself from stooping to her level and making personal attacks.

Here is the item that I expected to receive:


Here Is what I got: (I didn’t take better pictures because I did not expect to write a blog post about this.)


Close up of the neckline (selling point of the dress):

Without flash

what i got 4

With flash

what i got 2

This is their website post before my complaint:

prima bella boutique proof 1

And after:

prima bella boutique proof 2

Moving onto the story:

I have not edited any parts of what I said in or out, everything is there spelling errors and all.

I received the dress and got in contact with the seller and the conversation went like this:

birthday dress unprofessional upload

So here I made the mistake of accepting their partial refund offer. – please click on picture to enlarge to read. The paypal claim bit has also been added

*EDITED: I will leave what I posted initially and add closer screen shots for everyone to see:

Edited close up screen shots:

birthday dress unprofessional 2 birthday dress unprofessional 3 birthday dress unprofessional 4

Initial screenshot uploaded:

birthday dress unprofessional upload2

Like I said before, as soon as paypal credited me with money to post the item back to the seller I went out and posted it.
I got that last message this morning. I called Paypal and the rep told me that I was not in the wrong and I was not obligated to send the item back since I only got a partial refund. I told her that paypal sent me money to send it back so I did and she said that even then, even though I was credited, I was not obligated to send it back. The dress is something I would never wear (not because I like exposing myself to everyone) but because it was just a horrible dress with the design change overall. I’m a little annoyed that the previous paypal representative I spoke to did not tell me about the no obligation stuff but whatever. I lost >$50 over this entire ordeal – I spent $50 on nothing.

But yeah – don’t feel bad for returning something you did not pay for. Contact paypal if you have any concerns like this – ask for a second opinion/call for a different rep if you aren’t sure.

If you are considering buying a dress from this store, I would NOT recommend it. It is a waste of time and energy and money.

I know I’ll never make this mistake again and no one should have to put up with this crap.

Anyway, it’s dress shopping time.

Signing off`


/edit, if you can see the comment I approved on my wordpress, she (the seller) sent the same thing to me via facebook here: birthday dress unprofessional 5

Let me address the Copyright thing first:

In reply to #3: Under both U.S. and Australian ‘fair use’ and ‘fair dealing’ respectively, content such as screenshots for the right purpose are exempt:

The exception is based on the assumption
that copyright owners ordinarily expect to
have their works subjected to criticism and
review for the purposes of providing
potential consumers with information about
the works.

I was also ‘reporting news’:

Policy basis derived from the public interest
in promoting the free flow of knowledge,
ideas and information, evident in the case

I was also giving ‘professional advice’

This exception was implemented for the
purposes of facilitating the administration of
justice, with the interest of assisting people
to understand their legal rights and

I did all of the above in my post. This is legal and does not impose on copyright. (These quotes were taken directly out of a file on the Australian Copyright Council page. )

Addressing #4: If you look closely on my paypal screenshots, there is no real transaction information only the seller’s name which can be found on her Prima Bella website – and her full name can be found on crowdfunder found here. (Granted, I did delete her last name when I uploaded enlarged versions of the screenshots taken – but I have left the original upload intact if it needs investigating). Therefore there is no information that would lead to the seller’s account getting hacked. Her name has been published on many different websites as the owner of Prima Bella Boutique and having her name on this wordpress blog will not increase her risk of being hacked. If she wanted to overcome this one extra step to concealing her identity then she could have used an alias.

The other part of that is I have NOT provided a “false rendition of the conversation”. I have provided my point of view as well as screenshots of the facebook conversation. Even if I did let my feelings flow in my post on wordpress (which I am allowed and it is not against the law to do so) The conversation is there so whoever may be reading this can be the judge. Some people may even choose to side with the seller – fine. But to others who can relate to the ordeal I had to go through as a buyer then I have just provided information to them as to what to expect when dealing with this seller.

Now back to the boring #1: I did not leave out what you claimed about the blue dress – it is all there in the screenshot of our conversation on facebook. (Both prior and after editing of this blog)

birthday dress unprofessional 7

Here are the three dress necklines you are so desperately trying to get across. I would still argue that the neckline does not look like that of the pictures of the model. There is still a sweetheart neckline shape – whereas the item you provided and the picture shows basically no sweetheart neckline. Besides, if you did not have a picture of the adjusted dress then why did you not upload your own sooner? It took you until after my complaint to upload the changes – so I am fully within my rights to say what I have said; The item I received is not as pictured. I won’t go into this further – I have made enough complaints about this earlier on.
The reader can decide.

Last but not least #2:

According to paypal, shipping IS refundable even though the post office has the money. Why should the buyer pay for shipping on an item they did not purchase? Like I said before, I have spoken to paypal reps who have said that buyers are only obligated to send an item back when the seller has provided a FULL refund (including the shipping) which this seller did not do. As previously mentioned, I sent the dress back with paypal’s understanding help and have lost money overall because of it.

If you have anything to refute please continue to comment.

Also, just in case you did not know,  if you continue to block me on facebook then unblock me to send comments I will post them here. Thanks

Signing off` for the second time here.


/edit again – twice in one day!
I HAVE A QUESTION FOR THE SELLER! Did you take photos from the SCALA USA WEBSITE, make a knockoff of the dress under the P.R.I.M.A Glitz brand and sell it? Is THAT not copyright infringement? 

Scala USA:
The exact style of the dress: Scala Style 47523 PLATINUM

Also, New York dresses sells the REAL Scala dress: for a much cheaper price than what I paid for it.

/more to beat myself up with for not being more thorough with my research.

Please reply soon ‘Truth Be Told’ commenter on my wordpress! xx

/edit: I have emailed Scala in regards to whether or not they buy or design their own dresses and privately label it. I have also asked if the dress (Style 47523 Platinum) they sell have a modified sweetheart neckline.

/edit: WordPress said they received a DCMA but found my blog post within the guidelines of copyright and will not delete this blog post (at the current time).

I also received this following message to moderate – I have edited my real name out.

birthday dress unprofessional 9

Wow. Just. Wow. I’m sorry, you have implied I am this Rose Smith character but I am not.
And I do not deserve such a racist remark.

I don’t even like chicken feet.

 /edit: I bought a new actual Scala dress and the neckline is gorgeous! The range that Scala has “privately labelled” all have the same dress design (neckline and shape), only the material/pattern differs. This is the neckline I was expecting when I made the purchase from Prima Bella:



The link to the dress I purchased on the Scala website is here. Because I am in Australia, I purchased it from an authorised reseller: GASP JEANS. To my understanding, they order their dresses in from New York Dresses – the link is here. It just worked out cheaper buying it from GASP – with free express postage and a discount. I’ll post a photo of me in it after my event. The neckline really makes a big difference. I am so in love with this dress.

/edit: Here’s an update!

It was an amazing party, surrounded by good friends!

Here is a photo of what the dress looked like when I was trying it on:

Action shot with the other birthday girl/bffl <3
We were throwing decks of cards towards the end of the night!
This is what we wore that night.


WARNING: There’s a lot of rambling and if you’re only interested in the haul, scroll down and look for the HAUL indicator. Also – be aware of how much I like spamming pictures.

So much for weekly/monthly blog updates! University exams are over and holidays are here (yay) but I’m on placement (nawwwe… well, it’s not that bad!). So I still haven’t had time to write things, I wish I was as motivated as xocolatyl.
Let’s see, a bit of an update…
– I’m struggling with my addiction to Dota2
– I bought new knitting needles and felting kits (this is another story I may save for later)
– I went to AVCon 2013 in J-Fashion, which can be seen on my deviantart here if you’re interested
– My friends and I have a new sewing project for a Cosplay group! I’ve spent more than I care to admit… hopefully it will turn out well!
– I purchased a crapload of clothes from Zipia – it was a joint order, maybe I’ll do a haul post for that as well.
– My friend and I bought MORE Korean makeup and skincare from the RoseRoseShop because it was considerably cheaper than purchasing on eBay. If you guys are interested, the eBay seller ID of the person who runs RoseRoseShop is RubyRubyShop. I’ll definitely make a haul post when this package arrives. 

Considering how much I’ve spent, it’s pretty safe to assume I’m pretty broke. Time to start saving! Or attempt to save haha. 

(I’m not sponsored or endorsed with any of these websites, just dropping names of trustworthy sellers I’ve had positive experiences with)


About how I discovered Wishtrend and a little bit about my skin type, blah blah blah:


So, I have an addiction to skincare and went a little crazy when I discovered Wishtrend via youtube: WishtrendTV.

I’m more dilligent with my skincare routine and I don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis. I usually only bother with makeup when I’m going out with friends or work and when I do it’s usually just the eyeliner and brows I tend to fix. So just this year, well, half of this year, I’ve made 3 haul purchases. Some of the sales are no longer available unfortunately but I will link all the products that I have purchased. 




Please note that there are some products I really liked so I repurchased. I did not bother with close up images of these products.

I received my items in a box like this:


Each individual item is carefully and securely bubble wrapped like this:


I love bubble wrap.

First thing I’m going to talk about are the samples they give you with each order.
First Order (March, 2013):


Second order (May, 2013):


Third order (June, 2013):


I’m guessing that the amount you spend on the website will influence what samples you receive. For the first 2 orders, I spent greater than $130 USD and received free EMS shipping and the last order I spent greater than $70 USD and received free standard shipping – other purchases below this amount requires $10 USD shipping fee.
For the more expensive orders (with vouchers/ discount codes) I received the Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack and Pore Minimizing Pack sample but other than that, the sample seem random. They really like promoting the Skin & Lab vitamin plus range – and I have to say that the sample packaging works really well, when you break it apart at the crease and squeeze, basically all of the product is expelled. I give most of these samples to mum because I don’t have a need for lifting, etc. I also have this massive packet of bb cream samples I just never use :|
That skinmiso pore minimizing sample kit in my second batch of samples can be purchased here for $6 USD. 
But yeah, free samples are free and greatly appreciated nonetheless. 


Moving on to my main bulk purchases. 

My first purchase was in March, 2013:

I based my first purchase on the reviews from WishtrendTV and after that, I started perusing through the website buying items that intrigued me. 


From Left to Right (first row then second row):

 [Rojukiss] Pore Deep Cleansing Oil – 200 mL for $21.50 USD


– [SKINMISO] Comedo remover / Backhead remover tool – 1 pcs for $14.99 USD


– [SKINMISO] Pore Beauty Nose Pack (3 Set Blackhead Remover Program) – 20 pcs (10 pcs of step 1 and 10 pcs of step 2) for $21.99 USD



[LYRAMOA] Water Drop Mineral Powder – 8g for $22.99 USD
Currently a promotion or beauty steal for 2 for the price of 1 – 16 g for $22.99 USD


– [HELLOEVERYBODY] Remodeling Body Scrub – 500g for $28.50 USD
(No longer available, however there is a 400 g berry or lemon scrub of the same brand for $28.99 USD)


– [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Serum – 50 ml for $19.99 USD (no longer in stock)


– [SKIN&LAB] Dr. Color Effect : Red Serum – 40 ml for $39.99 USD



My second purchase was in May, 2013:

*I took these pictures with flash at night – sorry they don’t look as pretty as they would in natural light :( *


From Left to Right (first row then second row, etc):

[Confume] Argan Treatment Oil – 120 ml + 25 ml for $19 USD


– [LE nail] Nail Polish – Black & Silver – 1 pcs for $12.50 USD
(Please keep in mind that this is not nail polish but nail stickers that cover the entire nail. I really wanted to try them – no mess, lasts for quite a while from what I hear – have yet to try them out!)


– [Elishacoy] Always Kiss Tint Gloss Sweet Bong Bong – 1.9 ml/ 2ml for $16.40 USD
(Quick note: Pretty expensive for a lip tint – by my standards – however it is the first lip tint that has ever worked well for me, will do an in depth review at a later date)


– [TOSOWOONG] Makeon Gel Pencil Eyeliner – Product: L01. Cats eye wild black – $8.99 USD (pictured with the princess set mentioned below)

– [Ciracle] Eye contour gel – 15 ml for $22.99 USD


– [SKINMISO] Pore beauty nose pack & Comedo remover Set – same as in first haul for $22.20 USD 
(beauty steal promotion: no longer available, individual products can be found under the first haul)

– [TOSOWOONG] Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Eyeliner Set (Season 1) + Pencil Sharpener for $38.49 USD


They also have a [TOSOWOONG] Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Eyeliner Set (Season 2) available – but I don’t like the colours as much as I like the ones in this set!

Note that the eyeliners in a set are not full sized.


My third purchase was in June, 2013:

This time I purchased a Wishtrend bundle they call a WISH BOX. (No.12) – Summer Box
I loved what the argan oil did for my hair so much that I purchased more – there was a promotion okay? And to qualify for free shipping I decided to buy another Klair’s serum. (Absolutely love this brand!)


From left to right:

– [KLAIRS] Illuminating Supple Serum – 50 ml for $22.99 USD


– [Confume] Argan Treatment Oil 1+1 ! – 2 x (120 ml + 25 ml) for $19 USD

– WISH BOX (No.12) – Summer Box for $29.99 USD


The WISH BOX contains the following items:

[IK’S] Real Aloe : Moist Max Toner – full sized: 120 ml which would be $15.99 USD 
(No longer available for individual sale)
[TOSOWOONG] Soft Touch Suncream – full sized: 45 ml which would be $13.50 USD

[Klairs] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream – full sized: 40 ml which would be $ 24.99 USD
***** This product is the main reason as to why I decided to purchase this wish box, totally not regretting the decision!********

[HELLOEVERYBODY] SPA Scalp Scaling Shampoo – sample sized: 30 ml
The full sized: 200 ml for $15.99 USD
[Ciracle] Red Spot Cream (Red Spot Healing Cream) – sample sized: 5 ml (maybe?)
The full sized: 30 ml for $16.99 USD
Which turned out to be the:
[Rojukiss] Natural Aqua Celtic Cream (Lime Tree) – full sized: 100 ml which would be $20 USD

I highly recommend purchasing Wishtrend’s WISH BOX promotions which can be found here. It is significantly cheaper than buying individual items and you get so many products! There is a limited number of these available but there are new box promotions every once in a while. 

I will write detailed reviews, maybe at the end of the year, after my next set of exams? Or whenever I feel motivated to write! Haha. I have a few drafts of reviews waiting for me to finish but I had to write about this haul!

If you have any recommendations, let me know, or if there are particular products that interest you, I will be more inclined to write about them first. 

Anyway! I better do some last minute reading.

Signing off`


Hello again!

Today I’m going to do a review on a few SEACRET products I ended up purchasing when a charming French salesman by the name of Kobi pulled my friend and I into the booth whilst inquiring about the condition of our nails. It’s a move most SEACRET representatives use to get customers to try their products (I know my mother has been approached multiple times). In our case – it worked, mainly because we had time to kill and partially because earlier on my friend was complaining about the state of her nails (she works damn hard and deserves nice nails).



We were introduced to the SEACRET Buffing Block first off and my god we were blown away. [I’ll post a photo when I next buff my nails with it.] I own a few buffing blocks but none, and I mean NONE yielded results as amazing as this one. The nail was SO glossy – even more so than top coat finishes! The next product we tried was the SEACRET salt scrub which was great! At first I felt as though it was a bit too abrasive but when it was washed off, my hands felt baby smooth. It was great and all but it wasn’t a definitive WOW for me because I don’t do manual labour or anything that would make my hands really rough, but if you are one of these people with rough skin you might like to try this product. It also works well on other parts of your body (below the shoulders – it’s too rough for your delicate face) – particularly the heel on the soles of your feet. At this point Kobi asked us what our major concern was and we both answered our faces. He introduced us to the SEACRET Purifying Peeling Milk. We tried this on our forearms and what was scrubbed off shocked us both. A combination of dead skin cells and pollutants were gently wiped off. Kobi made a point that this was our arms which are usually covered up under layers of clothes – imagine how effective this would be on your face which is always exposed. I think he mentioned a few other things but I was too amazed at how gentle yet effective this product was. I had been gunning for a gentle exfoliating lotion for my sensitive skin and fell in love with this. We then had our faces inspected where our combination skin type was identified. He then introduced us to the fourth and final product, the SEACRET Essential Moisture Face Cream. When first applied, the cream felt a bit thick, but it thinned out and applied quite nicely. The silky smooth finish was quite amazing and I feel like this product would have done wonders for my skin in the long run however, I had too many products at home and opted not to buy this.

At the end of his sales pitch and harmless flirting, Kobi asked us what two products we were most interested in purchasing. We both instantly grabbed the SEACRET Purifying Peeling Milk w/ Apricot Seeds for All Skin Types while I grabbed the SEACRET Essential Moisture Face Cream and my friend grabbed the SEACRET Nail Kit. From here we battled to haggle the prices down. He was quite generous with his discounts, offering to apply the staff discount, but after a long day of shopping and some post – boxing day sale purchases we were pretty broke so we haggled down to the following prices:

SEACRET Purifying Peeling Milk ($75) + SEACRET Essential Moisture Face Cream ($100) = Originally $175 – discounted to $135 AUD
SEACRET Purifying Peeling Milk ($75) + SEACRET Nail Kit ($70) = Originally: $145 – discounted to $115 AUD

Now woah at the prices! And nawwwe at the discounts. I decided that the Essential Moisture Face Cream was too much and decided that I would get the Purifying Peeling Milk – not without throwing in how impressed I was with the buffing block and how much I wanted it. Kobi decided to humour me and said he would do the 150 mL SEACRET Purifying Peeling Milk ($75) and the SEACRET Nail Kit ($70) for $100 AUD. SCORE. Now, people might think that’s a ridiculous amount to pay for the Nail Kit but it includes 30 mL cuticle oil, buffing block, nail file and a full sized 200 mL Milk & Honey Body Lotion which would otherwise cost an additional $30. On top of that, they offer one year of unlimited replacements of the buffing block – which I will use soon!

Bottom line? If you guys live in Adelaide and are interested in any of these products (or any others depending on your age and skin type), and you just so happen to see Kobi – a French looking guy at the counter outside of MYER in Rundle Mall, approach him and he’ll do you a great deal!




From Left to Right:  SEACRET Purifying Peeling Milk w/ Apricot Seeds for All Skin Types (150 mL),  SEACRET Nail FileSEACRET Milk & Honey Body Lotion (200 mL), SEACRET Cuticle Oil (30 mL) and the SEACRET Buffing Block w/ one year unlimited replacements.


SEACRET Purifying Peeling Milk w/ Apricot Seeds for All Skin Types (150 mL)

SEACRET™’s Purifying Peeling Milk is enriched with Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Orange, Sesame, Grape and Sunflower Oils. This unique product thoroughly cleans the skin, leaving it free from oils, dirt and other clogging substances while providing a gentle peeling effect. With this Dead Sea treatment, your skin is refreshed, moisturized, smooth and glowing.

Absolutely amazingly delicate exfoliator for people with sensitive skin! Seriously. I love this thing so much! It does exactly as described! It doesn’t have a definitive scent but there is a subtle refreshing smell… Something I can’t quite put my finger on. You are supposed to use this 2-3 times a week but I have very sensitive skin so I choose to use this once a week.

To apply:

On damp skin lather a small amount of SEACRET’s Dead Sea Purifying Peeling Milk in circular motions for a full Dead Sea Minerals absorption, rinse thoroughly with warm water.

The apricot seeds are not abrasive to the point of pain but you do feel it work when you’re applying and massaging this peeling milk into your face. Unlike a few products in this category that I have tried, the SEACRET purifying peeling milk does not dry out my skin. After washing it off, my face feels significantly softer, appears so much smoother and leaves a refreshing sensation. There are alcohol products and fragrance in the ingredients list however, I believe it is a small portion (do not quote me on this) because my skin usually dries out pretty badly when exposed to alcohol products. I highly recommend this product for people with sensitive skin where drugstore brand exfoliators are too abrasive, dry your skin out or break you out. It is on the pricier side unfortunately, so purchase it if you’re willing to fork out the full price of $75 or even if you haggle your way down to x amount, just be aware of your skin sensitivity as it may not yield the same results for you as it does for me.

I don’t know if you can see the apricot seeds in the image below clearly – but they are there and offer gentle yet effective exfoliation:


The creamy part actually goes transparent when rubbed but I took a photo before it was completely absorbed (apricot seeds are more visible in this image):


And all washed off! Leaving baby soft skin:



SEACRET Nail Kit including the SEACRET Nail FileSEACRET Milk & Honey Body Lotion (200 mL), SEACRET Cuticle Oil and the SEACRET Buffing Block w/ one year unlimited replacements.


I’m just going to say that overall, the Nail file sucks. It is only borderline acceptable if you want to do very fine and minute filing. You can get nail files for $2 – $3 that have a very abrasive side and a very fine side that will do a much better job than this one.

The Cuticle Oil (30 mL) is used for:

…moisturising fingernail area, softening the skin and helping to prevent dryness.

All you need to do is rub the oil on the surrounding skin of your fingernails for it to absorb.
I have mixed feelings about this product. When I apply it, there’s nothing overly moisturizing about it but after some consistent use I notice that my cuticles aren’t as dried out. This could have to do with my constant use of hand cream or the Milk and Honey Body Lotion. There is a generous amount of cuticle oil in the bottle which does last a while – depending on how frequently you choose to apply it. 

The Buffing Block – the star of this little show bag – or is it? I still think it’s pretty amazing. It’s got 3 main sides:

Step 1: Use blue coarse side
Step 2: Use grey soft side
Step 3: Use white side

I have this habit of always having my nails painted because I dislike the look of my natural nails. As a result, my nails have or should I say – had a yellow stain (?) to them. Since then I’ve been using a nail whitening base coat for all my nails. But after using this buffing block, most of the yellow that was so prominent in daylight, was gone. I have also gotten into the habit of using this buffing block before applying my nail polish for a much smoother even finish. It is also interesting to note that some people (including my mother)  believe that buffing your nails will make it easier for the nail polish to peel off and chip but I have found the opposite to be true.
The one downside to this is that the sides of the buffer are most effective in the first couple of uses and after some time, much more effort is required to achieve the same results as earlier on. I believe SEACRET feel the same way, therefore offering the 1 year unlimited replacement guarantee.

Last and certainly not least is the Milk and Honey Body Lotion (200 mL) ($30 AUD if purchased separately).

SEACRET™’s Body Lotion is a lighter hydrating balm of our Dead Sea products that is instantly absorbed by the skin and provides a smooth, healthy look. This unique combination of Dead Sea Minerals together with natural ingredients immediately replenishes the skin’s hydration to its optimum level and leaves the skin relaxed, supple, silky soft and radiant all day. Seacret’s Body Lotion is a great Dead Sea lotion.

This body lotion has worked wonders for me. I’ve always had problems with uneven dry skin on my arms and legs but after applying this, my skin has improved so much! This has replaced my Aveeno Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion which was good but not overly great. (I try to use up the skin care products I have before purchasing new items.) After one application, there is a noticeable improvement. I have tried to take a photo of this but have failed miserably – oh well, you’re stuck looking at them /posts below.
After application, my skin feels super smooth and hydrated. It is an easy to work with consistency and there is matte/dewy finish – no oily residues. I really love the Milk and Honey scent too. It’s not exactly subtle but not overwhelming. With 200 mL of product in this tube, this will last me a while because I tend to use small amount at each application. As amazing as this product is and as much as I love it, I believe that there are more hydrating and cheaper products out there but for now I will continue to use and abuse this product!

What the body lotion looks like straight out of the tube:


After the lotion has been applied – I don’t know if you can see a noticeable difference in photos but it’s pretty obvious in real life:


If anyone uses products from the SEACRET Range that they would like to recommend, I would be interested in hearing about it. They have a few ranges (including Age Defying and for men) but those don’t apply to me haha.

It be bed time! Why do I always finish doing these posts so late at night?

Night blogosphere!

Signing off`