Hello everyone (who is reading this – most likely just a few close friends and myself) ~

I thought this year would be a good year to start documenting my life again. I started blogging on Xanga but I got really lazy in 2012 and reading past posts was embarassing so I decided to create this WordPress account for reviews or anything I think is worth posting. Hopefully, this year, I will be more consistent and motivated than previous years, even if it means posting more than one thing one day and nothing for the rest of the week.

Anyway! I have a few things I plan to review soon, including the following in no particular order:

** SORRY in advance for the crap phone quality photos, the horrible table layout and the lack of image cropping – you’ll realise where about I figured how to get my phone to crop photos… 

1. Hitachi Hada Crie facial cleanser / massager. (excuse my beast of a laptop in the corner) – Thank you to the awesome boyfriend who picked this up in Hong Kong for me, I would have otherwise purchased it on eBay from a Japanese seller which would have Katakana on the device instead of English~


2. My Beauty Diary Variety Pack (15 face masks + 1 eye mask) – one of which (Q10 Rejuvenating mask) was used as a trial run on the boyfriend – my guinea pig for the Hada Crie ‘refresh’ mask function – so unfortunately that mask was not photographed and will only be briefly reviewed. Again, thank you to the awesome boyfriend who picked this up for me. If I had knew how cheap it was I would have forced you to buy more than one considering you came home with half the maximum load capacity you were allowed on the plane! /shakes fist!


3. Lancôme GÉNIFIQUE EYE LIGHT-PEARL Eye Illuminating Youth Activating Concentrate – 20 mL


4. Lancôme Visionnaire  Advanced Skin Corrector (Wrinkles, Pores, Evenness) – 30 mL
Lancôme Blanc Expert Ultimate Whitening Anti-Spot, Anti Dark Circles Eye Serum – 5 mL sample
Lancôme GÉNIFIQUE Youth Activating Serum – 7 mL sample
    DiorSnow UV Shield White Reveal Moisturizing UV Protection – Translucent SPF 50 – Pa+++ – 10 mL sample


5. Shiseido Ultimate Skin Protection Lotion For Face/Body SPF 30+ – 100 mL


6. Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foamsample
    Shiseido Night Moisture Rechargesample
    Shiseido White Lucent – Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream2.5 mL sample


7. Mediheal Placenta Revival, N.M.F Aquaring, I.P.I LightMax and Collagen Impact masks


8. Coloured Circle Lens (Purchased 2, the red and grey, and received a free orange/brown pair – in a temporary promotion they were having for Christmas I think it was)
I plan on wearing the red pair to AVCON this year.


9. SEACRET Purifying Peeling Milk w/ Apricot Seeds for All Skin Types
SEACRET Milk & Honey Body Lotion
    SEACRET Cuticle Oil
    SEACRET Buffing Block w/ one year unlimited replacements
    SEACRET Nail File


*** Thought I’d add these totally awesome ACUPUNCTURE shoes my totally awesome boyfriend picked up for me while he was in Hong Kong:


They have an internal heel – the secret to adding extra height to us short Asian Females/ Males?  I am quite obsessed with these at the moment but still getting used to walking in them!

/Yes I have overused the adjective ‘awesome’ to describe the boyfriend but that’s just what he is. :)

And there are a few Asian products I’ll add onto this list later, but for now, I am going to go nurse my recent 4 x 3rd molar extractions before going to bed.

Would also like to add: I AM NOT SPONSORED! Everything reviewed here was purchased with my own or my mother’s money – unless otherwise stated.

Always in sleepy and tired mode. /sigh

Goodnight blogosphere.
Signing off`