THREE Massive Wishtrend Hauls (first half of 2013)

WARNING: There’s a lot of rambling and if you’re only interested in the haul, scroll down and look for the HAUL indicator. Also – be aware of how much I like spamming pictures.

So much for weekly/monthly blog updates! University exams are over and holidays are here (yay) but I’m on placement (nawwwe… well, it’s not that bad!). So I still haven’t had time to write things, I wish I was as motivated as xocolatyl.
Let’s see, a bit of an update…
– I’m struggling with my addiction to Dota2
– I bought new knitting needles and felting kits (this is another story I may save for later)
– I went to AVCon 2013 in J-Fashion, which can be seen on my deviantart here if you’re interested
– My friends and I have a new sewing project for a Cosplay group! I’ve spent more than I care to admit… hopefully it will turn out well!
– I purchased a crapload of clothes from Zipia – it was a joint order, maybe I’ll do a haul post for that as well.
– My friend and I bought MORE Korean makeup and skincare from the RoseRoseShop because it was considerably cheaper than purchasing on eBay. If you guys are interested, the eBay seller ID of the person who runs RoseRoseShop is RubyRubyShop. I’ll definitely make a haul post when this package arrives. 

Considering how much I’ve spent, it’s pretty safe to assume I’m pretty broke. Time to start saving! Or attempt to save haha. 

(I’m not sponsored or endorsed with any of these websites, just dropping names of trustworthy sellers I’ve had positive experiences with)


About how I discovered Wishtrend and a little bit about my skin type, blah blah blah:


So, I have an addiction to skincare and went a little crazy when I discovered Wishtrend via youtube: WishtrendTV.

I’m more dilligent with my skincare routine and I don’t wear makeup on a day to day basis. I usually only bother with makeup when I’m going out with friends or work and when I do it’s usually just the eyeliner and brows I tend to fix. So just this year, well, half of this year, I’ve made 3 haul purchases. Some of the sales are no longer available unfortunately but I will link all the products that I have purchased. 




Please note that there are some products I really liked so I repurchased. I did not bother with close up images of these products.

I received my items in a box like this:


Each individual item is carefully and securely bubble wrapped like this:


I love bubble wrap.

First thing I’m going to talk about are the samples they give you with each order.
First Order (March, 2013):


Second order (May, 2013):


Third order (June, 2013):


I’m guessing that the amount you spend on the website will influence what samples you receive. For the first 2 orders, I spent greater than $130 USD and received free EMS shipping and the last order I spent greater than $70 USD and received free standard shipping – other purchases below this amount requires $10 USD shipping fee.
For the more expensive orders (with vouchers/ discount codes) I received the Caolion Blackhead Steam Pore Pack and Pore Minimizing Pack sample but other than that, the sample seem random. They really like promoting the Skin & Lab vitamin plus range – and I have to say that the sample packaging works really well, when you break it apart at the crease and squeeze, basically all of the product is expelled. I give most of these samples to mum because I don’t have a need for lifting, etc. I also have this massive packet of bb cream samples I just never use :|
That skinmiso pore minimizing sample kit in my second batch of samples can be purchased here for $6 USD. 
But yeah, free samples are free and greatly appreciated nonetheless. 


Moving on to my main bulk purchases. 

My first purchase was in March, 2013:

I based my first purchase on the reviews from WishtrendTV and after that, I started perusing through the website buying items that intrigued me. 


From Left to Right (first row then second row):

 [Rojukiss] Pore Deep Cleansing Oil – 200 mL for $21.50 USD


– [SKINMISO] Comedo remover / Backhead remover tool – 1 pcs for $14.99 USD


– [SKINMISO] Pore Beauty Nose Pack (3 Set Blackhead Remover Program) – 20 pcs (10 pcs of step 1 and 10 pcs of step 2) for $21.99 USD



[LYRAMOA] Water Drop Mineral Powder – 8g for $22.99 USD
Currently a promotion or beauty steal for 2 for the price of 1 – 16 g for $22.99 USD


– [HELLOEVERYBODY] Remodeling Body Scrub – 500g for $28.50 USD
(No longer available, however there is a 400 g berry or lemon scrub of the same brand for $28.99 USD)


– [KLAIRS] Rich Moist Soothing Serum – 50 ml for $19.99 USD (no longer in stock)


– [SKIN&LAB] Dr. Color Effect : Red Serum – 40 ml for $39.99 USD



My second purchase was in May, 2013:

*I took these pictures with flash at night – sorry they don’t look as pretty as they would in natural light :( *


From Left to Right (first row then second row, etc):

[Confume] Argan Treatment Oil – 120 ml + 25 ml for $19 USD


– [LE nail] Nail Polish – Black & Silver – 1 pcs for $12.50 USD
(Please keep in mind that this is not nail polish but nail stickers that cover the entire nail. I really wanted to try them – no mess, lasts for quite a while from what I hear – have yet to try them out!)


– [Elishacoy] Always Kiss Tint Gloss Sweet Bong Bong – 1.9 ml/ 2ml for $16.40 USD
(Quick note: Pretty expensive for a lip tint – by my standards – however it is the first lip tint that has ever worked well for me, will do an in depth review at a later date)


– [TOSOWOONG] Makeon Gel Pencil Eyeliner – Product: L01. Cats eye wild black – $8.99 USD (pictured with the princess set mentioned below)

– [Ciracle] Eye contour gel – 15 ml for $22.99 USD


– [SKINMISO] Pore beauty nose pack & Comedo remover Set – same as in first haul for $22.20 USD 
(beauty steal promotion: no longer available, individual products can be found under the first haul)

– [TOSOWOONG] Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Eyeliner Set (Season 1) + Pencil Sharpener for $38.49 USD


They also have a [TOSOWOONG] Makeon Princess Gel Pencil Eyeliner Set (Season 2) available – but I don’t like the colours as much as I like the ones in this set!

Note that the eyeliners in a set are not full sized.


My third purchase was in June, 2013:

This time I purchased a Wishtrend bundle they call a WISH BOX. (No.12) – Summer Box
I loved what the argan oil did for my hair so much that I purchased more – there was a promotion okay? And to qualify for free shipping I decided to buy another Klair’s serum. (Absolutely love this brand!)


From left to right:

– [KLAIRS] Illuminating Supple Serum – 50 ml for $22.99 USD


– [Confume] Argan Treatment Oil 1+1 ! – 2 x (120 ml + 25 ml) for $19 USD

– WISH BOX (No.12) – Summer Box for $29.99 USD


The WISH BOX contains the following items:

[IK’S] Real Aloe : Moist Max Toner – full sized: 120 ml which would be $15.99 USD 
(No longer available for individual sale)
[TOSOWOONG] Soft Touch Suncream – full sized: 45 ml which would be $13.50 USD

[Klairs] Illuminating Supple Blemish Cream – full sized: 40 ml which would be $ 24.99 USD
***** This product is the main reason as to why I decided to purchase this wish box, totally not regretting the decision!********

[HELLOEVERYBODY] SPA Scalp Scaling Shampoo – sample sized: 30 ml
The full sized: 200 ml for $15.99 USD
[Ciracle] Red Spot Cream (Red Spot Healing Cream) – sample sized: 5 ml (maybe?)
The full sized: 30 ml for $16.99 USD
Which turned out to be the:
[Rojukiss] Natural Aqua Celtic Cream (Lime Tree) – full sized: 100 ml which would be $20 USD

I highly recommend purchasing Wishtrend’s WISH BOX promotions which can be found here. It is significantly cheaper than buying individual items and you get so many products! There is a limited number of these available but there are new box promotions every once in a while. 

I will write detailed reviews, maybe at the end of the year, after my next set of exams? Or whenever I feel motivated to write! Haha. I have a few drafts of reviews waiting for me to finish but I had to write about this haul!

If you have any recommendations, let me know, or if there are particular products that interest you, I will be more inclined to write about them first. 

Anyway! I better do some last minute reading.

Signing off`


  1. I would love to have a haul the same as yours. I’ve heard that the Red Serum was so great. It does great wonders on your skin. I’m also into serums lately. They work like Magic. ♥

    • xrayne said:

      I’ve been using the Red Serum for over 1.5 years and I am still in love with it. I’m going to Korea at the end of the year so I will be buying so many more products to try! Will make some serum recommendations :)

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