Shiseido ‘The Skincare’ Product Review


I realise it’s been like… 2 months since my last post but I have a legitimate excuse – Uni resumed and I was miserably suffering through it all. I finally have some sort of footing on it so I thought I would do a review on the Shiseido products I mentioned in my first post! I have been using them almost daily for the past 2 months so I can give my honest opinion straight up!

First on the list is the Shiseido Extra Gentle Cleansing Foam – 30 mL sample.

For people who have sensitive skin or break out really easily, I HIGHLY recommend this cleansing foam! On the Shiseido website, it says that the cleanising foam is supposed to:

lift away makeup and impurities while leaving skin smooth, balanced, and ready for further treatment.

And to use the product:

・Use every morning and evening.
・Squeeze a small amount of cleanser into palm and work into a rich lather using cool or lukewarm water. Massage over face with gentle circular motions. Rinse off thoroughly.

I admit, I only use this at night because I feel like it is too much using it both morning and night – I guess if you have issues with oily skin overnight it would not hurt to cleanse in the morning too. Moving on! When I first used the product, I was a bit skeptical because the texture was a bit different to the more runny or foamy consistencies I was used to in a cleanser, but I grew to love it.

Out of the tube, it comes as a subtly fragrant condensed paste and you are supposed to add water to it and massage it all over your face. What I do is use an atomiser, filled with water, and spray it all over my face then lather and massage the cleanser into my skin. (I find that with using the atomiser, I can use less product and maximise the coverage of the product – saving me in the long run!) A little goes a long way! I use half a pea size (because that is an accurate form of measurement) and this is more than enough to cover my face and work effectively.
The scent is very subtle, and typical of shiseido or any other higher end products – this scent does not irritate the skin.

When you are massaging it into your face (sidenote: remember to massage your face in an upwards motion to avoid sagging your skin!) it will subtly start to foam and you can literally feel your face getting ‘squeaky’ clean. When washing the product off your face, you can feel an incredible difference to your skin, it’s super smooth, all the excess oils and make up are completely gone and leaves the perfect canvas for you to apply your routine products. The first time I used it, I felt my skin tightening a bit – and I thought it was because it was drying – but after continuous use I don’t feel that sensation anymore and the feeling is definitely of clean – not of drying.

The website indicates a full sized 125 mL is $61 AUD – which is definitely more on the pricier side, especially for a cleanser, but you get so much product that will last you sooooo long! I actually have a 7 mL and 30 mL sample, and I’ve been using the 7 mL sample for the past 2 months and it is only now that I am starting to finish that little tube! If you are on the fence whether or not it is worth the buy, go to your local Shiseido counter and ask for a sample, try it out for yourself before spending that much on a cleanser.
Another cheaper alternative is looking for it online, I’ve seen full sized tubes for $30 – $40 AUD on eBay but it is at your own risk as the item may or may not be genuine.

I have a bit of a side story in regards to drug store cleansers that I have tried after using this product. I was reading some reviews on the Simple Moisturising Facial Wash and really wanted to try it but when I was deciding on my purchase, my friend recommended the Aveeno Positively Raidiant Cleanser that has been amazing for her so I thought I would try that out instead. When I tried it on my sensitive skin, it had the strongest pulling/drying sensation that was really off putting. The next day, I started breaking out because of it and when I went back to my Shiseido Cleanser. I like to give things a chance, so I tried this 2 or 3 more times after that experience and the same thing happened to me over and over again. My point is that all cleansers – and beauty products in general – do not work for all skin types and it is a matter of trying what works for you. For me, I highly recommend the Shiseido one because it is ‘Extra Gentle’ and a very effective cleanser but again, more on the pricier side. I plan on buying and trying the Simple Moisturising Facial Wash some time in the future!


Shiseido Night Moisture Recharge – 15 mL sample

This is a very gentle product that is extremely hydrating. Using it in conjunction to your normal routine will greatly help your skin improve. I notice when I haven’t applied it for a day because my skin flakes a bit when I apply bb cream.
Shiseido claims that:

A multi-action night-time revitalizer that helps deliver intensive moisturising benefits to skin while you sleep. Helps restore softness, smoothness and a healthy-looking glow.

And to use:

Smooth over face each evening after cleansing and balancing skin.

The sample I got is in a solid glass container form, and it’s a bit annoying to get the product out at the top but I believe the full sized one has a pump. This product comes out in a creamy gel consistency, so it’s a bit thick (not too bad) but it is kind of thick and sticky. It smells quite pleasant but not overpowering. You need to wet your face a bit so that it glides on smoothly otherwise it’s not very workable. I use this time to massage my face and I press my palms lightly across my forehead and chin then across my cheeks so that the skin can absorb it in. It’s a really nice product but again it might not be for everyone. I remember initially trying it and breaking out a little bit but then I kept trying it and eventually my skin got used to it (haha).

The website says it is $75 for 75mL but Shiseido are always doing deals, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at the counter for cheaper, or for that price in a gift pack, especially around the holidays (Christmas, Easter, Mothers Day in particular). If you use the right amount with water to make it workable then the 75 mL bottle will last you a very long time. If I recall correctly, they will give you a 5mL sample of this product and the gentle cleansing foam reviewed above when you enquire about this skincare range (focused on hydration). I do recommend this item for anyone looking for something moisturizing.


    Shiseido White Lucent – Anti Dark Circles Eye Cream – 2.5 mL sample

I have been using this product for the past 2 months and this product does nothing for me aside from a bit of moisturizing in the eye area. I have severely bad dark circles and I’m trying a few different products to reduce the appearance of them (including sleep!). This product gave me hope but I think it’s because the pigmentation around my eyes may be genetic rather than induced so there’s not much that can be done for it anyway. Again, if your dark circles are not ‘panda eyes’ (like mine) then this product may work for you. It’s actually quite difficult to get a sample of this, my mother actually bought some serums so they gave it to her to try but she gave it to me cause I needed it more (Dad gave me my panda eyes).

Anyway, moving on! It claims to:

An intensive eye cream that effectively targets the two major causes of dark circles: pigmented melanin formation and poor microcirculation. Instantly, vivid brightness appears around the eye contour area. Dark circles are visibly reduced over time, revealing a youthful look and perfectly radiant skin.
・Formulated with Shiseido-exclusive Dark Circle Diminisher, which works three ways: targeting the root cause of pigmentation, inhibiting melanin production, and instantly boosting microcirculation to infuse fresh vibrance and radiance to the eye area.

And to use it:

・Apply each morning and night as the last step in your skincare routine.
・Using fingertips, smooth gently over eye area.

*Remember to be gentle around your eyes!

It is a very light creamy consistency and feels very pleasant when you apply it to your eyes. A little bit will be more than enough to cover both eyes. I use this by dabbing small spots around my eyes and letting the warmth of my fingers help spread it and allow it to absorb. It glides on quite nicely and there is a slight refreshing feel after application. It does help with moisturizing but I do not see any dark circle reduction.

The 15 mL full size of this item costs $74 so, essentially my 5 mL sample costs nearly $25. To be fair it does last quite a long time considering not much is required to cover your eye area. If this product works for you then this is a good investment but I will not personally be purchasing the full version of this.



Anyway, sorry that the last two reviews are a bit sloppy, I might go over it and fix things up a bit but I thought I might as well post something! I’m just bogged down on uni work so it’s been very difficult for me to finish a post ( I have like, 5 drafts sitting there waiting to be edited and posted). I also recently made two purchases from WISHTREND and intend to post a haul/review on the items (the ones I’ve used that is). Other than that, I hope everyone has been well!

Now… for a bit of gaming before bed time. hehehe

Signing off`



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